Geelong & District, Golden Plains Kyokushin Inc.


Geelong & District, Golden Plains Kyokushin Inc. has a number of dojo locations across Geelong and the Golden Plains Shire.

As an added benefit our students have access to all of these dojos, at no extra cost, should they wish to undertake extra karate training. It is expected however, that a student’s first priority is to their ‘home’ dojo and that the other locations are available for extra training on other nights, unless an arrangement has been made with their instructor.

Kyokushin Karate is heavily focussed on respect. If you are a guest at another dojo it is expected that you first introduce yourself to the head instructor and ask for permission to train. It is important that respect to instructors and to other students is maintained at all times.


DOJO LOCATIONS: (click for more information)