Geelong & District, Golden Plains Kyokushin Inc.


Founded by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama in 1964, Kyokushin Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art widely regarded as ‘The Strongest Karate’, with its focus on full-contact kumite (fighting).

The name Kyokushin combines the Japanese words 極 kyoku (ultimate) + 真 shin (truth), and it is a style based on mutual respect, discipline, hard training and self-improvement. These values are embodied in the Dojo Kun—an oath consisting of seven principles by which all students of Kyokushin abide.

Many famous students have trained in Kyokushin Karate throughout its history, including film stars Dolph Lundgren, Sean Connery and Sonny Chiba, UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre, and K-1 fighters Andy Hug and Francisco Filho. Kyokushin Karate has also appeared in numerous films, television programs and video games.

Geelong & District, Golden Plains Kyokushin Inc. began with the opening of the Hamlyn Heights dojo at the Vines Road Community Centre in October 1997. The dojo was officially opened by the late Sensei Luke Grgurevic, 3rd dan—a much-loved and respected instructor and karateka. Beginning with the then Sempai Wayne Murphy and just three regular students, word quickly spread and before long the dojo was thriving with students of all ages and abilities. Over time a number of students earned their black belt and became instructors, increasing our pool of experience and knowledge and opening up opportunities for the expansion of the group into new dojo locations.

We have frequently hosted international guests, gradings, seminars and tournaments, and there are many more opportunities always on the horizon. We are supportive and inclusive, and in addition to the benefits of regular karate training, students will also gain fitness, coordination, self-confidence and new friendships.


Shihan Wayne Murphy, 5th dan

Sensei Gary Treloar, 3rd dan
Sempai Damien Neal, 2nd dan
Sempai Kevin Hay, 2nd dan
Sempai Nenad Saflin, 2nd dan
Sempai Peter Dunstan, Shodan
Sempai Mariah Dodds, Shodan



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